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This is the information page for Oppads Magazine Ad Club Members.  Anything referenced on this page is for Ad Club Members and does not apply to anyone else.  A reminder:  As a member of the Ad Club, you agreed to abide by all terms, rules and procedures concerning the club.



All Ad Club Members are reminded to mail early.  With the steady decline of service by the USPS, I’ve noticed that some mailings are taking up to 10 days to get to me, and this is by first class mail.  Deadlines are the 25th of month preceding publication which is on the first of each month.  A number of members are mailing in their flyers on or after the deadline and expect to see their ads in the next issue. It just ain’t gonna happen folks.  You already have your coupons in your possession so why wait til the very last minute to submit ads?

Here’s an idea:  If you have problems keeping up with or meeting the deadlines, why not pick out your best 5 flyers and send them in with the next 3, 4, 5, or 6 months worth of coupons and let them run multiple issues?  After all, it has always been acknowledged by “experts” that repeat advertising is the most successful way of getting orders.


We are no longer accepting memberships to the Ad Club.

Membership Info:

Members who have not advertised in the last few months (or longer) have been placed on the “dormant” list, meaning your membership is still good, just not active because you haven’t been using it.  To reactivate your membership, send your name/address/membership number to the address below along with a printing and shipping fee of $10 cash and I will reactive your membership and send you new ad coupons.

Cancellation of Membership:

The publisher may revoke any membership of any member at any time for what he believes are unfair use of the service, member’s refusal to follow the rules and procedures for submitting ads, disparaging  the club or its services or publisher or publications, harassment of any advertiser, customer or publisher, and any other reason the publisher deems appropriate at his discretion.

Members may cancel or resign their membership at any time for any reason.

There are no refunds given for cancellation of memberships either by publisher or member, as long as member has derived benefits equal to the amount paid for the membership subscription.  Those benefits are calculated on the value of the ads the member has “used” since becoming a member until the time his/her club cancellation takes place.  There is no Value assigned to “future” ads or benefits.  Value of ads are calculated at the current posted regular rate. An example would be:  If you have been a member for 3 months and have used 2 Free ads per month at which time your membership is cancelled, your “value” received would be 3 x 2 = 6 ads at current rate of $6 per ad for a total value of $36 which exceeds the regular membership price of $20.  Therefore no refund is due.  After 6 months, no refund will be given regardless of any value received, or not received, as it would be adequate time for you to have used your benefits of the club membership.  Any refund request will be reviewed and if granted are subject to a refund fee of $5.00 which will be deducted from any amount you might receive.

No Warranty:

This service is presented “as is” and although every effort is made to be accurate and timely, we are not responsible for failure to publish on time, for any omissions, or for accuracy of comments or advertising found within.  Each advertiser is responsible for his/her ads.  The publisher assumes no liability for any dealings between advertisers and customers.

No Refunds on Advertising:

Once an ad has been submitted, no refunds will be given for any reason.  If ad is deemed inappropriate or unsuitable for this publication, it will not be published and there is no refund or replacement for that ad permitted.  If, by error, there is an omission of a qualified ad, there is no refund on that ad.  Upon notification to publisher and a request by advertiser, the ad(s) in question will be run in the next available issue as the only remedy for the omission. Advertisers are encouraged to check each issue to be sure their ad is included.  In case of an omission, advertiser must notify publisher in the month the ad should have run in order to have the above remedy apply.

Please Click HERE for additional Membership Rules and Procedures if you have any questions concerning your membership.   Thanks!

Correspondence, submissions, ad orders and other related Ad Club business should be sent to:

CM Baker -AC

PO Box 196

Pittsburg KY 40755-0196

A LSASE or 2 loose stamps will speed up your reply.